Phishing mail claiming to be from Amazon

By | April 22, 2024

We’ve seen phishing mail claiming to be from Amazon, saying that there’s a problem renewing your Amazon Prime membership:

This links to a site in India, where the bad guys hope to harvest your Amazon username and password.

If you receive email that looks suspicious, don’t click any links in the email.  In a case like this one, log on to your Amazon account separately (not by clicking the link!) and investigate.

These phishing emails used to be fairly easy to spot because they’d get the graphics wrong or contain mistakes in grammar or spelling, but now the bad guys are using AI to generate the content, and in many cases it looks very real.    If you’re using a Mac or PC, hover your mouse cursor over the From: address or the login link to see where they point.  This isn’t as easy to do on a phone or tablet.