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Phishing mail claiming to be from Amazon

We’ve seen phishing mail claiming to be from Amazon, saying that there’s a problem renewing your Amazon Prime membership: This links to a site in India, where the bad guys hope to harvest your Amazon username and password. If you receive email that looks suspicious, don’t click any links in the email.  In a case… Read More »

Phishing mail claiming “multiple billing error”

A customer email account was hijacked and used to send phishing mail to other addresses that claimed to be from, asking recipients to log on to “retract the multiple charges”.  Following this link would take you to a real-looking copy of a Zimbra email login, where logging in would reveal your password… Read More »

Phishing mail to addresses from “”

Phishing mail from forged address “” was received by some mailboxes today, 11/28/2023.  Most phishing messages like this one are blocked by our spam/virus/phishing filters, but some copies of this particular message got through. The body of the message looks like this, with the HIS logo.  The message came from an IP number in… Read More »

Phishing mail with “Docusign” attachments

We’re seeing quite a few email messages that claim to be about an invoice you haven’t paid and have PDF attachments supposedly from Docusign that you’re supposed to look at.  They’ll have subject lines like “Delayed Payment Penalty Notification”.  You probably won’t recognize the supposed sender as somebody you do business with, and if you… Read More »

Spam filter upgrade

We switched to to a new Barracuda server this morning 8/23 and this is why you may have received a message about “User Quarantine Account Information” this morning. You can use this information to log in, and you should also still be able to login to the SPAM quarantine at as before with… Read More »

How to recognize “phishing” email

We’re seeing a flood of “phishing” email – this is spam that is designed to trick you into revealing your login information for email, bank, PayPal, Costco or other important site.  The quantity of this mail is up by several orders of magnitude, and while our spam filters block or quarantine 99+% of these, that… Read More » outage 9/18/21

Mail for and a  number of other domains is currently down and the problem has been identified.  Incoming mail is queuing on backup servers and will be delivered when the problem is resolved.  We’ll post updates here. Update 12:30 pm 9/18/21:  this problem has been resolved.  No mail has been lost – incoming mail… Read More »

Phishing Email

We’re seeing an increased number of “phishing” email messages, where the bad guys are trying to trick you into entering your email account login info, where it’s used to compromise your account.  Here’s an example of a message that appeared today.   The “click here” takes you to a site in Indonesia where you’re prompted to… Read More »