Warning: ‘Webmail Account Warning’ message is bogus.

By | January 5, 2013

This bogus email is making the rounds and seems to be slipping past spam filters at the moment.  If you get one of these messages, delete it.  The link in the message takes you to a form that asks you to enter your email address and password.  If you do this, you can count on your account being hijacked by spammers all over the world.  This is an example of a ‘phishing‘ email, designed to trick you into giving up your account login credentials. The copies that we’ve seen of this message came from IP numbers in Brazil.

Webmail Account Warning!

This mail is from Webmail Service; we wish to bring to your notice the Condition of your email account.

We have just noticed that you have exceeded your email Database limit of 500 MB quota and your email IP is causing conflict because it is been accessed in different server location. You need to Upgrade and expand your email quota limit before you can continue to use your email.

Update your email quota limit to 4.8 GB, use the below web link:

<link to form on docs.google.com>

Failure to do this will result to email deactivation within 24 hours

Thank you for your understanding.

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