Warning: Phishing attacks against domain owners – fradulent suspension notices

By | October 28, 2015

Domain registrar OpenSRS warns that there is an ongoing phishing attack against domain owners.  The object is to trick you into providing credentials that will let the bad guys hijack your domain.

If you get email claiming that your domain has been suspended, do not click any of the links or reply to the email even if the message looks legitimate.  If you’re an HIS customer, report the email to support@his.com and we’ll help determine your domain’s actual status.



You may have heard that many high-profile domain registrars are being targeted by a massive phishing attack against domain owners.

We have received reports that some of those attacks are using Tucows branded emails to target some of our resellers and possibly end users all over the world. The fraudulent emails claim that a particular domain name has been suspended and ask users to click a link. domainabuse@tucows.com.org is being used as “From” and “Reply-to” addresses.

We are asking all OpenSRS resellers to be extra vigilant of these fraudulent suspension notices. In case you or your end users receive an email from tucows.com.org:

  • Do not click any links
  • Do not reply to the email
  • Do not call any phone numbers listed within the email

We strongly encourage all resellers to communicate this information to their end users.

The OpenSRS team