Delayed mail to and domains – resolved

By | November 2, 2016

Barracuda developed a problem today in their cloud layer, and some mail to addresses using the and domain has been delayed.  Outgoing mail from those domains has not been affected.

Barracuda is still working on the issue, but we’ve rerouted incoming mail and mail is coming in normally now.  There is undelivered mail in queue and we’re working through that queue as quickly as we can.

This only affects addresses using and – no other domains are affected.

Update 6:15 PM 11/2/2016:  Barracuda’s Cloud layer is still having problems – this may be a prolonged denial-of-service attack.  Our workaround is in place, all queued mail has been delivered, and new mail for is being delivered immediately.

Update 3:50 PM 11/3/2016:  Barracuda says the problem has been resolved.  We’re monitoring closely.