emergency maintenance 11/12/2017 – resolved

By | November 13, 2017

Because of an issue with the server that hosts, we had to perform an emergency backup and restore Sunday afternoon, 11/12/2017.  This caused incoming mail for and addresses to go missing for a few hours.  We were able to re-deliver all of the missing mail, so no incoming mail was lost.  Depending on your email software, the Sunday afternoon email might appear out of order if your software lists the messages by time received rather than time sent, but it’s all there.

If you manually moved mail from one folder to another on Sunday afternoon, those changes reverted.  Your mail is all there, in its original locations.

If you have any filters set up to move mail to folders other than your INBOX as it comes in, those filters worked when the mail was redelivered and your mail is where you expect it.

If you sent mail Sunday afternoon using, your mail was sent but copies weren’t retained in your ‘sent’ folder.