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Resolved: backlog 5/19/2014

Starting at 6:30 AM on Monday, 5/19/2014, multiple servers were hit with a high-volume spam flood from a Russian botnet that had hijacked user email accounts.  The volume was so high that, which filters both incoming and outgoing mail, became backlogged and mail delivery became very slow.  We identified the problem shortly after 7 AM and… Read More » mailbox quotas increased and mailboxes on have been increased in size to 5 gigabytes.  You can add disk storage if you need it for $1/gb/month. You can check your storage status by logging on to and hovering your mouse over the bar under your name at the top of the screen. Tip:  if you… Read More »

Planned maintenance:, upgrades – Done

In order to expand disk space to accommodate larger user disk allowances, Zimbra servers and will be taken offline briefly this weekend: – starting at 3 AM EDT, Saturday, April 6th – COMPLETED 5:20 AM April 6 – starting at 3 AM EDT, Sunday, April 7th – COMPLETED with no downtime.  

Bogus “Delivery Status Notification”

There is a trojan making the rounds that masquerades as a Delivery Status Notification. It contains the line: Note: Forwarded message is attached. The attachment is an html attachment which carries various javascript browser exploits/trojans. Postini is aware of the situation, and Postini Spam Engineering continues to monitor for new variants and will release additional… Read More »

Verizon blocking port 25

We’ve received a number of reports from Verizon DSL customers that they’ve suddenly lost the ability to send mail.   Verizon started blocking port 25 (the SMTP port, used to send email) for DSL and FIOS customers in some areas in 2009, and evidently they’ve now made this system-wide.  There’s a Verizon writeup at:… Read More »