FYI: CryptoLocker virus

CryptoLocker is a new virus that affects Windows PCs – if you get infected, a screen pops up telling you that your stored documents and images have been encrypted, and if you don’t pay $300 within 72 hours, the key required to decrypt your files will be destroyed and you’ll be out of luck.  There… Read More »

Barracuda update is doing an excellent job of blocking spam without stopping non-spam – the only false positives we’re seeing involve mail from bulk sources (,, etc., where many messages with the same content come in at once, which is characteristic of spam – you may find that you need to whitelist these if they’re… Read More »

Spam filter change: switching from Postini to Barracuda

We provide spam and virus filtering with all email accounts – you really can’t use email without it anymore. We’ve used Postini for our premium spam filtering since 2001 (twelve years!).  Google bought Postini in 2007, and Postini continued to be excellent until about a year ago when we noticed that things were slipping –… Read More » mailbox quotas increased and mailboxes on have been increased in size to 5 gigabytes.  You can add disk storage if you need it for $1/gb/month. You can check your storage status by logging on to and hovering your mouse over the bar under your name at the top of the screen. Tip:  if you… Read More »

ALERT: major brute-force password-guessing attack on WordPress sites underway

There’s a significant attack by a botnet on WordPress sites, where the bots are trying to guess the passwords of common admin logins.  More info: If you are using WordPress and are using a common username or a common password, change it immediately to something less obvious. Update your WordPress admin password when in… Read More »

Planned maintenance:, upgrades – Done

In order to expand disk space to accommodate larger user disk allowances, Zimbra servers and will be taken offline briefly this weekend: – starting at 3 AM EDT, Saturday, April 6th – COMPLETED 5:20 AM April 6 – starting at 3 AM EDT, Sunday, April 7th – COMPLETED with no downtime.